Who are we

We are specialists in design and production of cultural events in public and private spaces. Our team is formed by professionals with long experience in the fields of arts, culture, production and event management, mainly focused on the citizen scope. Furthermore, we work with the best artists and the most professional technical teams, we have a wide network of collaborators and we have access to national and international creators from any and all artistic areas.

Delia Piccirilli

Art director and project creator. Designs and directs great spectacles and programmes for diverse institutions, administrations and businesses. Her creations and programmes make her a national point of reference in the build up of important cultural events and artistic acts.

Martina Otranto

Production director and cultural marketing and advertisement specialist. She has an ample experience managing big projects and coordinating teams with a special vision for the creation of strategic alliances between different agents.

Cristina Ramos

General projects coordinator with a wide experience in diverse fields of cultural management and specialist in programmes directed to public administrations. To her great management ability she adds up a great knowledge over the cultural sector in both national and international levels.


Pape Pérez

Stage Director

Juan Sanz

Stage Designer

Juan Beloqui

Lighting Design

Curro Melero

Technical Director

Esther Gómez

Project Technical Production

Teresa Castellanos

Project Artistic Production

Bruno Otranto

International Projects Coordinator

Martina Fusco

International Projects Production