We create and design each project based on the objectives and necessities of our clients.

We work closely with them to build the best event possible from the defined budget, relying on the best creators and technical team to build a spectacle that will engage with the public and will become part of the city’s tale.

Celebrate your city

We transform the public space into a work of art, we shape the streets and buildings into a spectacle, we manage to make the city be lived as a celebration.


We work for public administrations, institutions and businesses both in Spain and around the world.

We listen to their necessities to create tailor-made events, optimising costs and always accompanying them, from the idea until the last development phase. We count on specialised technical support and we ease the access to top level national and international artists to achieve a transformation of the public space into a place for celebration through art and culture.

Creation, management and production

We are specialists in design and production of cultural events in public and private spaces. We work with the best artists and the most professional teams.